How To Get Protein From Plants

If you’re like most people, you may think that the best place to get protein is in meat and other animal products. That’s the question every vegetarian/vegan gets… “but where do you get your protein?” It’s certain that many people may not know of non-meat protein options, so I’m here to share some alternative options.… Read More »

Catering Equipment to Blend Food for Babies

Mothers of young babies have only one main concern and that is the health of their babies. Healthy babies are strong and happy babies. When a baby reaches the stage where they are able to start eating solid foods, mothers look to provide their young ones with the best vitamin rich foods. Generally vegetables and… Read More »

The Likelihood of Apple Releasing an iPhone 5 in White

It is official. The Cupertino firm Apple will finally officially announce its much awaited iPhone 5 on the 4th of October. This is less than a week away. If you are one of the many enthusiasts of iOS-powered devices, you must be dying to set your eyes on this new device. After all the rumors… Read More »

Don’t Be Duped By A Mango

I live in the north, and it’s very clear to me that mangoes are not from around here. You can tell just by looking at them. The trees in these parts don’t produce things that large. So when we buy mangoes in the grocery store, we’re not likely to know if they’re ripe and we… Read More »

Read About the Basic Difference Between RV and Trailers

The RV travel Trailers were established in the year 1920, trailing behind regular vehicles. Such trailers were used mainly for accommodation. Hence, they are very small as compared to a recreational vehicle. However, over the years, such trailers have changed their shape, size and amenities. The basic difference between a recreational vehicle and a trailer… Read More »

Top 5 Ways For Men To Keep Your Relationship Hot This Winter

I recall being an inexperienced, 21-year-old single man-boy and watching men who were married with children, complaining of being exhausted and too tired for sex. I vowed upon my stack of priceless (in terms of memories and joy) comic book cards that the day I complained of being too tired to cast my wife in… Read More »

Average Cost to Open a Restaurant: How to Lower the Price

There are many reasons why average people opt to dine out in restaurants-for socialization or business purposes, to try out new food, to accommodate their busy lifestyles which makes it impossible to cook food at home, or just plain to splurge the money that they earned. Food is at the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of… Read More »

Healthy Food For Optimal Health

When I learned I had breast cancer, I decided that I needed to find out as much as I could about how my diet might impact my health. I absorbed everything I would get my hands on that discussed the importance of nutrition in regaining health and preventing a recurrence of cancer. Shortly after I… Read More »

Three Simple Ways to Improve Your Relationship

I walked into the bedroom with my daughter in one hand and a bag full of hotdog buns and condiments in the other. There were a few students already showing up for the meeting, and they greeted me and the food heartily. As I plopped down my daughter and began arranging the food buffet style,… Read More »

Really Crabby Cakes

Ingredients: 1-tablespoon Butter ⅓-cup Onion, finely chopped ⅓-cup Celery, finely chopped ⅓-cup Yellow squash, finely chopped 1-cup Bread crumbs, soft –Cup Bisquick 1-teaspoon Pepper 1-teaspoon Season salt 2-large Eggs, slightly beaten 14-ounces Crabmeat, chopped 1-cup Cocktail sauce Instructions: Preheat oven to 400 °; Spray 2 cookie sheets with cooking spray. Melt butter in medium skillet… Read More »